Mission: The design and construction of computer-based microelectrode techniques to directly monitor biological signaling of intact brain in real time. Related activities include the promotion of this novel technology through training programs and collaborative research projects. The long-term goal is to develop methods leading to improved health care for individuals with brain disorders.

Organization/Affiliation: The Center for Microelectrode Technology, based at the University of Kentucky Academic Medical Center in the Department of Neuroscience was established in 1991.

Director: Greg Gerhardt, Ph.D., Professor of Neuroscience.

Faculty/Personnel:  A variety of center associates have been affiliated with CenMeT. Personnel includes postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, numerous research assistants, and many classified and unclassified staff members.

Teaching: Visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows, students and established investigators have been trained in the applications of microelectrode techniques. The faculty also lectures in graduate courses offered through a variety of departments and academic institutions. Training courses are offered in Lexington, KY for the purpose of training researchers to utilize the techniques developed by CenMeT.