High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Our CenMeT HPLC laboratory can perform a variety of neurochemical analysis using HPLC coupled to electrochemical detectors (HPLC-EC). Samples from human, non-human primate, rat and mouse tissue and biological fluids can be assayed for a variety of electroactive neurotransmitters, precursors and metabolites. Our procedures allow for the quantitation of numerous monoamine-related neurochemicals from a single biological sample. We also have the capability to perform microdialysis studies of electroactive neurotransmitters and their metabolites. We are applying these measurements to studies of nervous system tissue, plasma, urine, CSF, and saliva. Our center has analyzed effects of select drugs on CNS neurochemistry in support of work to better understand normal CNS function as well neuroaffective disorders. Please contact us for more information on HPLC information including pricing and services.